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Nice whisky from Sweden

The tasting of the set inclusive the Limousin sample was a nice surprise! Very good whisky's and the Limousin was extraordinary. The online tasting was very good lead by the 2 men. All in all a nice evening. I was already familiar with Mackmyra and this again was very good.

Great online tasting

Very nice experience, finally i get to try these whisky. I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend it

Svensk Ek
CJ of #21
Svensk EK

Schnell und einfach gekauft, 3 Flaschen - weil er so gut ist - mild und beisst nicht im Hals, ein für meinen Geschmack sehr schöner runder Whisky. Werde ich wieder kaufen.


I enjoyed this online tasting, 4 great whiskies and an excellent seasonal one that I ordered afterwards and arrived 5 days later. The presenters were informative and relaxed making the whole experience enjoyable. The whisky samples are a good size giving a good couple of drams. Great value and the discount was very tempting. An innovative distillery producing exceptional whisky.

Greet value and quality

I was lucky enough to get a 50% discount on two of these tasting sets for me a and a pal so combined with the live tasting stream we made a great evening of it. Nice variety between the different whiskies and finishes. I’ve done this a couple of times and bought several different bottles as a result. Lovely whiskies and the bottle design looks great in my drinks cabinet

Great experience, great presenters

I loved this online concept.
I was able to try some whisky I been looking a in stores for a while and by guided trough a whole range of them by Ben Bowers and Craig Watson.
Would do this again if the offer of a discount reaches me again and they have a new seasonal!

Classic Online Tasting Set
Maurice McCartan
Online tasting set, a magnificent range

This is an excellent set at great value if you want to buy a bottle of Swedish Uisce and your not sure what to go for. They are all beautiful but my favourite was Rók, smoky but not too smoky with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. I'll be picking up a bottle of this as a result.

Svensk Rök
Very good

Smoky, but not to much. I like it very much.

Thomas Hitzfeld-Evers

Wieder ein toller Whisky mit einem wunderbaren Aroma


good- not bad, would recommend!

Gavin Bruggeman

Nice full flavour whisky. Smooth, not to sharp and easily drinkable. A dangerous combination. The finish is quite long and aromatic. The aroma is that of fine malts, some fruity notes of peach in the distance and some elegant oaky notes from the barrel and some nice complementing cognac aromas. All in all, a very good whisky that comes in a bottle that is to small (cause it’s gonna finish quickly).

To an author

To be honest, I brought this one bottle for keeping until such a day that this author, me, has that sort of accolade.

Svensk Rök
Atze Osinga
Svensk Rök

from the very first sip we liked it very much. It willbe one of our favorits

Ed Stroek
Cloudberry Wine Cask

Visiting Sweden for the the first time in 2018, i fell in love with their cloudberry's, we found everywhere !! So I had to taste this whisky.... and the beautifull thing is, in every review about this whisky nobody refers to the cloudberry wine cask taste....but it is there !! For sure. For me it is a hell of whisky !! And one of my favourites to stay !!! Great fresh nose with cloudeberry wine...after tasting it the peat shows up, and the finish is full, peppery andlong !!!

A smooth, rich yet balanced whisky offering great value for money and in good company, great memories (unless you drink the whole bottle, you'll probably have no memory)

Mickel Van den Bussche
Very nice rich dram

The cognac flavour is definitely present is this well balanced whiskey. Full bodied flavour and a lingering aftertaste.
This bottle will not last long ...before the bottom shows, and a refill is in order

Adam Noble

Great stuff, this - it's my 4th bottle from Mackmyra & they're all consistently delicious.

Paul Naine
Highly drinkable, unique flavor profile

Having drank MacMyra for a number of years I always find their whiskeys subtle and interesting. Bjorksav I was expecting a summery light taste (I imagined MacMillan 12 with a few drops of water). It isnt. The first thing that hit me was that there is an initial smokey hit on the nose, not overpowering but definately there right at the start of a sip. This fades to the expected summery clean mid and after taste that trails beautifully.

Ordered a couple more bottles for Spring drinking - its perfect for a beautiful spring drink outside where its still a little chilly but you can feel summer coming... i.e. not heavy smoke like winter drinking, and not too floral like summer drinking!

Ein Tasting mit Mehrwert

Das war ein sehr spannendes Tasting. Leckere Whiskys, gute Erläuterungen und keine Frage blieb offen. Jonas ist sehr nett und hat richtig Lust gemacht die Destille einmal zu besuchen. Kann das Tasting jederzeit empfehlen!

Ralf Greger
Exceptional taste -try it to form your own opinion

nose: subtle caramel and a hint of 'herbal something'
taste: coffee, caramel, juniper berry, subtle smokey, lil bit of cinnamon
cant specify a few hints of taste - but like it anyway because its sooo different

haven't had something like that ever in a bottom of singlemalt - strong recommendation for people looking for the 'different taste' in a whisky

Limousin Live Launch
Simon Marshall
Fantastic Whisky

a lifelong whisky fan I discovered Mackmyra by accident as a substitute in an online shopping order.
it has become my house whisky, the Limousin is a fantastic addition to the range. as good as any whisky at the price point.

Limousin Live Launch
Stijn M.


Limousin Live Launch
Ronald Bruggeman
Limousin launch

Very informative and entertaining, to be repeated.

Limousin Live Launch
Jan-Marc Gozeling
Smooth and very tasteful whisky

A new whisky to me, but I really love it. Smith, but so much taste. Vanilla, a bit of chocolate, fruits,. It’ll definitely find a place in my whisky cupboard.

Limousin Live Launch
Snoops Taylor
Great watch

Really enjoyed this event.
The team were excellent - friendly, knowledgeable and entertaining.
The dram is excellent and I made a purchase of a full sized bottle after this event.
Great work everyone.