Private Cask Explained

Private Casks are exactly that - 30L matured single malt whisky casks ready to be purchased and enjoyed. Simply choose your cask and design its label. 
You get every bottle of the 30L cask, around 48 bottles on average, which is listed on its cask description, along with it's strength, age, recipe and where it matured.
Private Casks are paid in two parts. The first payment to Mackmyra includes the matured whisky, bottling, standard labeling and delivery to address. It does not include the emptied cask.The final payment is only for alcohol Duty and its VAT, invoiced through Mackmyra and paid before delivery.  EU customers pay German rates, the UK will pay UK rates. Sweden rates are coming soon.

Personal, Single Cask Ownership without the wait!

Please note, cask products are currently available to purchase for final delivery to Germany, the UK and Sweden.




Why 30 Litre Casks?

There’s a logical explanation as to why Mackmyra’s much loved 30-litre casks are the size they are. During the distillation process we carefully separate the “heart” of the distillate, which is the usable portion. Our first self-produced copper pot-stills could hold 100 litres of weak spirit, which produced a “heart” of pretty much exactly 30 litres following distillation. So as a result of the volume produced during distillation, the first 30-litre cask was created in the year 2000.

Another major benefit associated with the small casks is that the contact area of the oak in relation to volume is larger than is traditionally the case, which allows the whisky to mature more quickly and intensively.

Cask Recipes Options Explained


Mackmyra’s elegant recipe is characterised by the following groups of flavours: fruity, with notes of citrus and pear. Spiciness with notes of aniseed, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. Herbs, with notes of tobacco leaves, grass and pepper, as well as nutty, with notes of almond. The elegant recipe is the perfect choice for those looking to fully release the oakiness of the cask.


Mackmyra is one of the few distilleries in the world which self-produces its smoky distillate. Both malting and smoking take place in a facility situated close to the distillery using Swedish-grown barley and peat drawn from the nearby Karinmossen (Karin bog). And to add a further Swedish dimension to the smoky flavour, the glowing peat is seasoned with brittle juniper twigs.Examples of this spirit are found in our Svensk Rök and Svensk Rök Amerikansk Ek expressions.

Pre-Stored Elegant

This Elegant recipe is also available as Pre-matured Elegant, which means the distillate has been aged in a 200-litre ex-Bourbon cask for four years. Casks with this recipe have an extra 4 years of maturation and produce and even more smoother and fruity character from the two different casks. 

Cask Wood Types Explained


Bourbon is the traditional type of cask to mature single malt whisky. The casks are brought in from the USA where they were earlier used to mature Bourbon. They are then coopered to 30-litre casks and filled with our malt spirit to become Single Malt Whisky. The cask gives the whisky a round, soft character with sweet notes of vanilla, pear, apple and citrus.

Oloroso (Sherry)

The Oloroso cask is made out of american oak and then saturated with Oloroso wine to give notes of raisin, dried fruit, wine, dark chocolate and grapes. The characteristics of the cask makes for a sweet, round and mellow flavour and a beautiful dark red colour to the liquid. 

Swedish Oak

Whisky matured in Swedish Oak receives a deep, dark colour. The taste has a spiciness, balanced by a sweetness that reminds us of caramelized sugar. The casks are handcrafted and charred to really get the flavours from the wood. Our rarest and perhaps most exciting cask.

Locations Explained

Mackmyra Whisky Village Forest Warehouse

Together with the first cask owners we started building the Forest warehouse in the summer of 2009, which opened the year after when the first casks from the Ambassador campaign moved in. The Forest warehouse lies in the woods next to our Gravity distillery.

Bodås Mine

In the south of Gästrikland is our largest and oldest whisky warehouse located, surrounded by a mighty forest. In here, the whisky is securely matured, 50 meters below ground in the mountain. Originally built to extract ore, the space is now given to a more precious product.

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