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The Living cask

The Living Cask Edition features the essence of Mackmyra. We age our elegant recipe 50 meters below the ground in the mine of Bodås and finish its maturation in 30 litre ex-bourbon Living Casks directly in the stores of our ambassadors. Giving our customers the chance to fill their own bottle of still aging Swedish whisky straight from the cask.
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The aromas are light – medium intense oak spice with lighter aromas of oak with vanilla and toasted bread. Herbal tones of hay and green grass hay.
A round taste with hints of vanilla, caramel and honey. The finish in the Living Cask enhances the flavour of soft vanilla and slowly develops notes of exotic fruit, nuts and toasted bread.
Starting at lighter yellow, getting darker and richer the longer it stays in the Living Cask. Pale yellow to golden yellow with hints of brown and red.


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