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How to choose

Every distillery has its own character and that’s why we all have our favourites, be it sweet and honeyed, richly sherried or swathed in smoke. But what if you could create a whisky that had all the attributes that you wanted without having to compromise? Maybe peated malt that’s matured in Swedish oak for lots of spice is what you need? Or perhaps sweet, unpeated malt in an oloroso cask is your dream dram?

At Mackmyra we’ve been helping people create their own whisky since we began distilling nineteen years ago. Our private cask programme allows you to combine you preferred choice of spirit, your favourite cask type and as much time as you think it needs to create your personal whisky. With 19,000 private casks sold we have lots of very happy people who sit down for a glass of their own whisky every single day.

Mackmyra private casks are now available in the UK and are more attainable than you might think. Barrel sizes are an affordable 30 litres and you have the choice of casks that have been selected as mature and ready to bottle now or you can lay something down for the future.

Whether you’re a group of friends, a whisky club, a business or a whisky-loving family we have the ideal personal whisky for you.