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Mackmyra Reserve




As a RESERVE cask owner, you will have more than just an amazing whisky. Mackmyra Reserve offers you the opportunity to create and follow your own personal 30 litre cask through maturation to final bottling, at a time of your choosing. Today we have around ten thousand cask owners and co-owners. They are the ones we are proud to call our ambassadors.

It´s your choice! The whisky’s final odour, colour and flavour are the result of the recipe combined with the cask and the storage process. The outcome is your own unique single cask whisky, created from Swedish ingredients.

You choose what kind of cask and which recipe, and also how long the whisky shall mature. You are welcome to be present when the cask is filled, an experience that many shares with their family and friends. Each cask has a plaque on which you can choose a personal text to name your cask. Throughout the whole maturation period you are welcome to visit us in Gävle, two hours north of Stockholm, to sample your whisky and follow its development. You decide yourself how active you want to be in your cask experience. 

You choose from our two recipes:  Mackmyra Elegant and Mackmyra Smoke.

The Elegant recipe is also available pre-stored, i.e. we fill a 30-litre cask with whisky that’s already spent three years maturing in a 200-litre bourbon cask. 

When it comes to the cask, we offer both ex-bourbon-, oloroso, and Swedish oak casks in the size of 30 litre.

Please contact your local representatives for further information.