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The anniversary cask

In order to mark 20 years as a Swedish whisky producer, we’ve produced an innovative Anniversary Cask. Over the years, we’ve learned that whisky casks with bodies of American oak and lids in new Swedish oak create a perfect fusion of flavour. The Swedish oak is much loved for its spicy notes of black pepper, cardamon and nutmeg, as well as its toffee-like sweetness and almond notes. In combination with the notes of vanilla, toffee and honey in the American oak, it’s no surprise that casks combining different oaks have become so popular.
Working with Varalövs Tunnfabrik on production of our Anniversary Cask, we’ve had a pattern milled in the lid and base for the first time in order to intensify the impact of the Swedish oak. The pattern in the lid expands the contact surface, infusing the whisky with more character from the Swedish oak.
The Anniversary Cask is available during 2019, while stocks last.
– Price: From SEK 18,500 (Elegant recipe)
– Innovative milled pattern in the lid and base
– Hard-roasted cask which creates more sweetness
– Unique anniversary labels
– Swedish oak from the south of Sweden
– New accomplished cooper: Varalövs casks
– Mackmyra’s 20-year Anniversary Cask


Varalövs Tunnfabrik

Binding a cask as a highly-skilled craft requiring experience as well as expertise. Before the turn of the century there ware around 1,000 coopers in Stockholm alone, but the trade is less common nowadays. As a whisky producer, we’re happy to be able to play a part in the continued development of the profession, and finding a cooper that shares our passion for innovation is particularly satisfying. A family business, Varalövs Tunnfabrik was established in 1879, with the cooper’s craft passed down the generations since.
The modern techniques employed by the Varalöv cooperage are clearly evident in the new Anniversary Cask produced on behalf of Mackmyra. In true Mackmyra spirit, traditional methods are challenged to make room for innovation and new, exciting whisky maturation. The cooperage has been run by Mats Andersson since 1989. His son David, the fifth generation of coopers, embraces the focus on modern technology which elevates the craft to greater heights.
The Swedish oak used to manufacture the lid is provided by the Ravanis brothers at the Nyhamn boat-builder’s yard. For boat-builders, choosing the right timber is of such importance that they’ll sometimes make their way into the forests of southern Sweden to find exactly what they’re looking for. Their passion for oak is shared by us as well as Varalövs Tunnfabrik. It’s reassuring to know that the oak from which our casks are manufactured has been selected with the greatest care and commitment to quality.

Smoky or elegant?


Mackmyra’s elegant recipe is characterised by the following groups of flavours: fruity, with notes of citrus and pear; spicy, with notes of aniseed, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom; herby, with notes of tobacco leaves, grass and pepper and nutty, with notes of almond.   The elegant recipe is the perfect choice for those looking to fully release the oakiness contained the cask.
This recipe is also available as Pre-matured Elegant, which means the distillate has been aged in a 200-litre ex-Bourbon cask for four years. Choosing this recipe enables you to combine, producing the fruity character from two different casks. The recipe is also perfect for those who want a shorter waiting period before bottling.


Mackmyra is one of the few distilleries in the world which self-produces its smoky distillate. Both malting and smoking take place in a facility situated close to the distillery using Swedish-grown barley and peat drawn from the nearby Karinmossen (Karin bog). And to add a further Swedish dimension to the smoky flavour, the glowing peat is seasoned with brittle juniper twigs.
Devised to achieve a balanced smokiness, Mackmyra’s smoky recipe was distilled with one-quarter smoked malt and elegant malt for the remainder. If you’re looking for a little more kick in the smoky flavour, check out the Extra Smoke recipe. This features a 50/50 ratio between smoky and elegant malt, resulting in a robustly smoky whisky.

Focusing on expirience

Becoming a Mackmyra cask owner opens the door to a number of activities and events. During the years you’ll wait for your whisky to age, we’ll make sure we fill the time with interesting and enjoyable events for our cask owners. This forges a fantastically strong bond between us and our customers which is difficult to put into words. I’d say that almost half the fun of being a cask owner is the sense of friendship experienced during maturation. Our cask owners are mostly bons vivants who enjoy cuisine and beverage in all its forms, with many forging whisky friendships after having met up at these events over the years.
The annual lobster fishing event on Smögen is usually extremely popular. We head off in a fishing boat to hunt lobsters which we later enjoy during the evening while sampling whisky – all in the very best company. Glass-blowing and relaxation at Kosta Boda Art Hotel is another event which is also becoming a classic, and the goose dinner at Häckeberga Slott is the perfect occasion to escape your daily routine and enjoy the finer things in life.  And of course, we also organise lots of fun events on home soil in Mackmyra Whisky Village.
Many of our customers use their own whisky, bearing a personal label, as a gift to give to friends and acquaintances. Having chosen the flavour yourself, there’s simply no gift which is more personal when it’s time to be bottled.
Mackmyra wishes you a warm welcome as cask owner.


Eric Bräck,
Product Manager, Mackmyra Reserve