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Volume 70 cl. / Alc 46,1 % / /

Mackmyra Vinterrök is a tasteful Swedish single malt whisky from the innovative series ”Season whisky”. The character is fruity and smoky with a slightly spicy finish from casks saturated with a Scotch Strong Ale. The taste is well balanced with a slight saltiness, the texture is medium-thick and oily with a hint of spicy hop.

Tasting notes


Fruity and spicy with oily and peaty notes of smoke. Floral with easy oak aromas, soft fruit and light butter notes. A spicy smoke is found along with herbs, white pepper, ginger and dried Tobacco leaves.


Fruity and smoky with prominent oily notes and a slight saltiness. A well balanced oakiness with vanilla fudge, citrus and pear fruit and light spicy notes of white pepper, ginger aniseed and dried tobacco leaves.


Soft peat, citrus and dry oaky notes.