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Volume 70 cl. / Alc 43,0% / /

Moment Körsbärsrök is a smoky whisky with a peaty spiciness and sweet notes of cherry. The recipe of the whisky is made from a combination of our smoky and unsmoked newmake, where both was distilled at Mackmyra Bruk in the year of 2010. The smoky new-make was aged in ex-Bourbon casks in the sizes 100 to 200 litres. The unsmoked part was aged in ex-Bourbon and American oak casks seasoned with German cherry wine. The medium sweet cherry wine is perfect for caskseasoning, and gives the whisky fruity, intense notes of cherry.


Tasting notes


Fruity with notes of peat, tar and spicy juniper-smoke. Round notes of toasted oak, vanilla, anise, and fruity cherry followed by citrus and pear fudge.


Fruity and smoky with a well balanced spiciness. Fine smoky notes with peat, oil and juniper. Fruity cherries and round notes of oak and vanilla.


Fruity, smoky and spicy with pleasant notes of tar, peat, juniper, vanilla and fruity cherries.

Stored deep in Bodås Mine are thousands of casks which are regularly appraised by Angela D’Orazio, Mackmyra’s Master Blender. Whilst monitoring their progress she occasionally hits upon exceptional casks which demand to be bottled either as they are or in an edition with a particularly clear vision.
The exclusive Moment series was created for just these occasions. Showcasing Mackmyra’s most exclusive casks, only very limited editions of the series have been produced. Created in 2011, the series has resulted in around 30 unique editions since then.