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Grönt Te

Volume 70 cl. / Alc 46,1% / /

In 2019 our Master Blender Angela was honoured by being elected into Whisky Magazines prestigious hall of fame – a tribute manifested in this whisky.
Mackmyra Grönt Te is inspired by two of Angelas passions in life; traveling to new cultures and bringing innovative combinations flavours and senses to life. The result is a Swedish single malt whisky that has been finished in a newly saturated Ex-Oloroso casks.
A blend of oloroso wine and the finest vintage Japanese green tea leaves have seasoned the casks, providing a subtly spicy and flavourful whisky with a fruity and floral finish. The whisky has notes of fine vanilla, green apples and herbal green tea. Green Tea is light amber in colour with subtle red reflections and is great to enjoy on any occasion.

The finest vintage tea leaves

Yame Sencha
A rich, soft and sweet green tea with a deep taste, from the 1st harvest of the year in Hoshino, Fukuoka.
Yame Gyokuro
An elegant and sophisticated tea, with lots of sweetness and Umami, also from the 1st harvest, Fukuoka.
Kaoribo Hojicha
Nutty, round and delicate, with roasted tea leafes from the 1st harvest, Shizuoka.
Yame Matcha Shinobi
A rich green tea, made for tasty matcha teas, for cooking and baking, from Hoshino, Fukuoka.



Tasting notes


Spicy, floral, red berries and fruits with notes of green tea, white pepper and roasted vanilla. Dried grapes, citrus, pear and forest berries.


Fruity and floral finish with fine vanilla, herbal green tea notes, green apples and finishing with a light spiciness.


Spicy, fruity with herbal green tea leaves and rich vanilla.

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Photographer: Camilla Cherry @camillacherry
– Producing Japanese tea is in many ways similar to the production of whisky as they both share the same values in quality, taste and aroma experiences. We are very conscious that our product is handled with care, and we felt very comfortable handing our Japanese tea over to Angela. Working on this project with Angela has been fun and extremely educational and I am very excited that Japanese tea can be used as a flavour in such an experimental way. Mackmyra Grönt Te raises the character and flavours of the tea giving the whisky a unique aroma and taste inspired by Sweden and Japan.


Grönt Te cured salmon

Mackmyra Grönt Te (Green Tea) cured and blackened salmon with wasabi, radish, soy pearls, and cauliflower. Served with green, pickled strawberries.


– Salmon with no skin 600 grams
– 1 dl. salt
– 1 dl. sugar
– 5 cl. Mackmyra Grönt Te (Green Tea)
– White pepper
– Green tea from Yuko Ono
– Chervil
1. First, mix salt, sugar och white pepper in a bowl.
2. Rub the salmon with the mix and then add the whisky, tea, and chopped chervil.
3. Rub the ingredients onto the salmon and then let it rest in the fridge overnight.
–  1 dl. mayonnaise
– 20 grams wasabi paste
– Black pepper
Mix all ingredients in a bowl!
– 0,5 dl tapioca seeds
– 1 dl. Japanese soy sauce
– 1 dl. water
Boil the tapioca seeds in soy sauce and water for around 20 minutes and then remove from the heat. If you are unable to find tapioca seeds, you can marinate roe in soy sauce.
– 6 green strawberries
– 0,5 dl. vinegar
– 1 dl. water
– 1 dl. sugar
1. Bring sugar, vinegar, and water to boil, add the strawberries and then remove from heat.

2.  Allow the strawberries to cool and then refrigerate overnight.

3. Slice the cauliflower and radish as thin as possible

4.  Grill the salmon for about 30 seconds on each side until it gets some color. Remove it from the heat and let it rest. Then proceed to cut thin slices, roughly half a centimeter thick.
5. Plate in the following order:
a. Spread the wasabi cream on the plate
b. Place the salmon on top
c. Top with grated cauliflower, radish, pickled strawberries, and soy pearls.
d. Finish off with adding fresh chervil and dill.