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Cask: 5976

Private Cask 5976 Peated Bourbon

Price per cask (incl. 48 btls, 50cl)

£ 2385


47.8 %

Maturing time

6 years 2 months

Cask filling date

December 14, 2011

Bottling date

February 21, 2018

Cask volume

30 l

Bottle volume

50 cl

Swedish Single Malt Whisky

It has been more than 18 years since we first had the idea to create Swedish Single Malt Whisky. In order to succeed, we had to question a bunch of old truths, around recepies as well as the size of casks. After a whole lot of experimenting, we reached the conclusion of 2 base recipies; one peated and one elegant.

That there was a clear connection between cask size and maturing time was no news. This lead to the 30-liter cask, a solution that no one before had tried. The whisky matures quicker in the small casks and gets a different character as a bonus.

In Sweden, there is no old tradition of making whisky. We thought that was strange when we started to explore if it was possible to make a Swedish Single Malt Whisky, because where we looked, we only saw opportunities.

In Sweden, you will find the worlds cleanest water, filtered to perfection since the ice age. There is no coincidence our first distillery lies next to a ridge with constant access to crystal clear water. Our Swedish barley develops a special kind of sweetness during the summers long days. A sweetness that has become one of the founding pillars of our whisky.



The smoke from swedish peat and juniper gives the peaty recipe a characteristic, swedish personality. It is a true handcraft that requiers both time and precision. The result is a complex, well balanced whisky with a powerful smokeyness.


Bodås Mine

In the south of Gästrikland is our largest and oldest whisky warehouse located, surrounded by a mighty forrest. In here, the whisky is securely matured, 50 meters below ground in the mountain. It used to be for etracting ore, now the space is given to a more precious product

Cask type


Bourbon is the most classic type of cask inte the world to mature single malt whisky in. The casks are brought in from the USA where they were earlier used to mature Bourbon. They are then coopered to become 30-liter casks to be filled with Swedish Single Malt Whisky. In this way, we are giving te whisky a round, soft character with sweet notes of vanilla, pear, apple and citrus. The Bourbon cask is one of our most appreciated cask types and goes very well with both the elegant and smokey recipe.