Swedish oak according to our Master Blender


Swedish oak casks are popular among our cask owners, but what does a whisky professional like Mackmyra’s very own Master Blender think is important regarding how Swedish oak influences the whisky? 

We gave Angela D’Orazio a call and asked her about her personal relationship with Swedish oak casks.

What is it that you like most about whisky that has matured in Swedish oak?  

The spiciness is magnificent!

Can you put your finger on some specific notes in the whisky that you like in particular? 

The almost exotic notes of cedar and sandalwood, combined with nutmeg and ginger. A bit like a good oriental perfume, although translated into the world of whisky.

Together with what should you drink whisky matured in Swedish oak? 

Together with spiced food, like a whisky tapas alongside oloroso, for example with hot-smoked fish.

What did you think the first time you tasted whisky matured in Swedish oak, did you like it straight away or was it an acquired taste? 

Yes, it has a more complex flavour, so I needed a bit of time to sit with my nose over a glass philosophising about all the aromas before I could really embrace it.

What was it like following the progress of your cask as it matured? 

Exciting. It’s a bit like getting a new member of the family and watching it grow up and acquire a personality of its own.

Why do you think people should choose Mackmyra Reserve – Swedish Oak (Svensk Ek)?

In addition to it being such an exciting journey to take, I feel it is among the most Swedish and locally produced items you can choose.

Swedish oak in a bottle — Mackmyra Svensk Ek

/ Malin Åberg, Mackmyra Whisky