How many times can a whisky cask be used?


How many times can a cask be used to mature whisky? Master Blender Angela D’Orazio explains:

“A cask can be used many times – but perhaps it is easier to say that it can be used for as many years as it continues to provide the whisky with maturity, colour and flavour. At Mackmyra, 15 years is perhaps the limit in terms of achieving the desired maturity, but it all depends on what you want from the whisky. In other words, new casks give the most colour and taste, in the shortest time, but that is not necessarily always the best combination. Moderation is good in this context too, and older casks with less colour transfer more of their fine vanilla taste in the longer term, for example.”

At Mackmyra, we use Swedish oak in many of our casks. Could you tell us what that does for the taste and how that differs from other materials?
“The slow-growing Swedish oak gives Mackmyra whisky a special and slightly barren, rocky Swedish type of seasoning when it is new, with lovable classic cedar and sandalwood notes, sour tobacco leaves and white pepper, and some notes of nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon – which combine with the vanilla and fruit to make it the charming spice bomb I feel it is. Once it has been used, the oak is a bit more like other oak, even if a bit of the spiciness still remains.”

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/ Malin Åberg, Marketing