The search for new whisky expressions


A way of making whisky with uncommon characteristics is to use casks
which originally carried something other than whisky. Harnessing
creative cask-finishing, Mackmyra creates whisky which often charts
unexplored territory.

The ‘Special’ series of ten unique limited editions marked Mackmyra’
first venture into the world of innovative finishing, featuring whiskies
matured in casks originally carrying lingonberry wine, cloudberry wine,
raspberry wine and freshly roasted coffee beans, among others. The
current series of Seasonal whisky continues this creative experiment
with finishes featuring mulled wine, birch sap wine, beer, cherry wine,
rum and Amarone.

One example of the most recent season whiskies is Mackmyra Jaktlycka (released in September 2020) and celebrates autumn and the treasures to be found in the ancient Swedish woods. An engaging trail of blueberries and lingonberries is revealed was predominantly matured in casks that previously held Swedish berry wine from the craft producer, Grythyttan.

The essence of the whisky is our elegant recipe, aged in casks of Swedish and American oak, combined with a handful of smoky recipe casks for an inviting depth. The result is an expressive whisky with a smooth creamy texture that branches out in notes of dried fruit, berries, spiciness, raisin and vanilla – A saga told in flavour.