Cask owners can now bottle their own whisky – A world first experience

Malin Åberg

Press release, Stockholm, 4 September 2020

Mackmyra is launching a unique, world first experience by allowing its cask owners to take part in the final step of the whisky journey i.e. emptying the cask, filling the exclusive bottles and attaching their whisky’s special label. A unique experience in the distillery’s new bottling facility, with cask owners being given the chance to help conclude their cask journey and to be an integral part in the crafting of their own whisky.

Mackmyra is passing a magical milestone with 20,000 reserve casks sold and more than 700,000 single cask bottles already bottled and delivered. During the current pandemic, whisky and gin barrels have been sold in record numbers to both Swedes and other Europeans. Mackmyra is now adding another step in the whisky journey and process, by offering cask owners the opportunity to bottle their own casks, in the distillery’s new bottling facility in the Whisky Village.

Mackmyra started the Swedish whisky journey in 1999 and a few years later Mackmyra launched its idea to create an experience journey by selling casks, with the craftsmanship involved in making high-quality whisky being made accessible to interested parties. The unique reserve concept, in which individuals and companies can buy their own 30-litre casks and follow their whisky from barley to bottle, has been a great success that has spread to distilleries around the world. But Mackmyra is still the leader, in terms of both the number of casks and the scale of the experience. 

Mackmyra’s cask owners have always had the opportunity to influence their cask journey at every step: from choice of recipe, cask type and character to where in the country they want to let their whisky mature. The whisky’s development is monitored by means of annual cask samplings, so that the perfect time for bottling, i.e. when the quality and taste are at their best, can be identified. This journey has helped many people in Sweden understand more about the influence of oak casks on fine beverages, and has also encouraged consumers to choose locally produced and high quality products. 

“We, the eight founders, had the opportunity and honour in July to bottle the first eight casks in Mackmyra’s new event bottling facility, and we designed and created customised labels for our bottles. It was an unforgettable team building day, with everyone taking part in the work like in Santa’s workshop. In the evening, we tested the finished result together, as part of a specially composed menu in the Whisky Village restaurant. We are convinced that connoisseurs from around the world will love this experience,” says Magnus Dandanell, one of Mackmyra’s founders.

Magnus Dandanell, founder of Mackmyra
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