“End of the Q!” Blog post from The Preludium blog 2007

Magnus Dandanell

This blog post was posted in The Preludium blog, 7:th December 2007.

So this was it, the last part of our Preludium. No one could guess the dramatic demand before. Not Systembolaget, not we in Mackmyra, not all Swedish whisky lovers. Not so big. Six launches over two years, with a volume that is significantly larger than a regular limited edition and queue at opening day in front of basically all the country’s 400 Systembolag each time. It must be a clear and difficult to beat world record!

Since it is a wonderful experience to follow the development of a whisky, we wanted to let all of Sweden’s whisky lovers get a snapshot and a taste of what our first stock of larger barrels were when they were just 3 years old. In addition, the first year’s production was very limited and did not consist of many bottles. Preludium is therefore a unique one-off phenomenon that will not return. I would like to congratulate all of you who have gotten hold of a small truncated part of the Prelude and I know many of you have fought hard for this.

Some examples of these are the heroes I met today just before opening day outside Hemlingby’s Systembolag in Gävle. They had been standing outdoors in the snow race and the ice wind from 5.50 Am.

Kenny Arvidsson Älvkarleby, Henrik Schelin Gävle and Hans Sandberg Karlholm.

With the same start time at Valbo Systembolag (which is 1.5 kilometers from the distillery), but where you could get into the warmth from 8 o’clock, I found the loyal customers Johny, Billy and Anja Hansson from Mededeby / Skutskär just before opening day and store manager in Valbo, Stefan Ruda, distributing instructions and post-it notes with Q-numbers.

Johny, Billy and Anja Hansson from Mededeby / Skutskär.

Our distillery hostess Barbro Hyllengren who was the composer of Preludium 6 took the opportunity to sign the bottles afterwards. In Valbo, we also had what I think is the country’s longest Systembolaget queue to date. There were 264 bottles in the store and I thought some would have to turn back home emptyhanded when the store manager handed out the number of post its just before opening time. But it turned out that there were 10 pieces left when everyone in the queue got one and when the gates opened. Some lucky ones joined the minute after 10 o’clock and last was Emma and Inger.

Left: Stefan Ruda gives Inger Söderhäll post it nr 264. Right: End of Q.

Thank you all for facing strange times, queues, weather and wind!

Unfortunately, it was not possible with current rules in Sweden to pre-reserve for our nearest customers. We definitely wanted everyone who was most interested, no matter where you live in the country, to have the chance to experience it. The choice to use Systembolaget’s temporary news assortment and to supplement with good separate info to all of you closest was the most equitable arrangement under the prevailing conditions. If you still missed a taste of the Preludium, I recommend you to book a seat at one of the Preludium tests we have all over the country during January and February. And keep in mind that the small 30 liter casks you book for yourself, Mackmyra Reserve, are not a pre-taste because they are much more mature already at the 3 year anniversary!

Finally, I want to take the opportunity to thank the staff at all Systembolaget’s stores. You have handled this well, even though queues were new to many of you in the beginning as well, a big thank you for the nice treat for our (and your) customers! Coming back in 2008 with the second generation of Swedish single malt whisky.

The line outside Swedens monopoly bottle shop Systembolagets store in Stockholm.
The line outside Swedens monopoly bottle shop Systembolagets store in Malmö.

/ Magnus Dandanell Mackmyra Swedish Whisky, 7th December 2007.