Grönt Te – A collaboration with Yuko Ono Sthlm


 Yuko Ono comes from a Japanese family of tea growers and is a dedicated wholesaler and importer. In 2006 she started the company Yuko Ono Sthlm, when she felt that there were no quality teas in Sweden that she could proudly call Japanese tea. She has since dedicated her career to introducing Japanese tea culture in the Nordic countries so that more people can find the right Japanese tea for the right context in their everyday life and enrich their tea-drinking moments. 

Yuko Ono is the Nordic region’s first and Sweden’s only certified tea adviser. She believes that a knowledge of how Japanese tea has been grown and the production steps involved form the basis for brewing the perfect tea. Yuko is concerned about the origin, quality and craftsmanship of the tea. She has great admiration for growers and visits them and producers regularly to exchange experiences. 

Through the company Yuko Ono Sthlm, she sells Japanese teas and teaches about tea and how to use it, and arranges popular tea tastings, tea brewing courses and corporate events for a diverse audience in the Nordic region. 


/ Malin Åberg, Marketing Coordinator