Pressrelease: Grönt Te

Malin Åberg


Mackmyra Swedish Whisky launched 20 years ago with the aim to add a new generation of whisky into the world of spirits. Inspired by its Swedish heritage and together with an exploring vision, they always strive for new and exciting taste combinations. Their next seasonal release, Mackmyra Grönt te (Green Tea) is a single malt whisky finished in casks steeped with a blend of elegant Japanese green tea leaves. Mackmyra Grönt Te is one of the distillery’s most innovative creations to date and is available as a limited edition from 5th March 2020.

2019 was an exciting year for Mackmyra. Not only did the distillery celebrate their 20th year as a pioneering whisky producer, their Master Blender, Angela D’Orazio, was honoured with a place in Whisky Magazine’s prestigious Hall of Fame. To show appreciation and pay tribute to Angela’s achievement, she was given the opportunity to add her own personal touch to this spring’s innovative seasonal whisky expression. Mackmyra Grönt te is inspired by her passions: experiencing new cultures and creating exciting taste sensations in whisky. Mackmyra Grönt te is one of the distillery’s most innovative creations to date, and the result is an aromatic and floral whisky with notes of vanilla, green apples and herbal green tea.

 – “It’s been a real pleasure to be able to put the limits of whisky to the test and create this spring’s seasonal whisky. I’m very moved that I was given the opportunity to think free from old whisky traditions and combine my favourite flavour, green tea from Japan, with my great passion, whisky, even though something similar has never been done before. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together, and I look forward with confidence to creating new exciting taste sensations,” says Angela D’Orazio, Master Blender at Mackmyra.

Mackmyra Grönt te is an elegant, Swedish single malt whisky that has been finished for 19 months in green tea casks. Angela’s blend of the finest green tea leaves from Japan has saturated the cask, providing a subtly spicy and flavourful whisky with a fruity and floral finish, with fine vanilla, herbal green tea notes, a light spiciness and green apples. The aroma is spicy, floral and fruity with notes of forest berries, dried grapes, citrus and pear, and of green tea, white pepper and roasted vanilla.

– Producing Japanese tea is in many ways similar to the production of whisky as they both share the same values in quality, taste and aroma experiences. We are very conscious that our product is handled with care, and we felt very comfortable handing our Japanese tea over to Angela. Working on this project with Angela has been fun and extremely educational and I am very excited that Japanese tea can be used as a flavour in such an experimental way. Mackmyra Grönt Te raises the character and flavours of the tea giving the whisky a unique aroma and taste inspired by Sweden and Japan.


Mackmyras selection of green tea:

Kaoribo Hojicha
Nutty, round and delicate, with roasted leaves from the first Spring harvest, Originated from Shizuoka

Yame Sencha 
A rich, soft and sophisticated green tea with a deep flavour, from the first harvest of the year in Hoshino, Fukuoka.

Yame Gyokuro
An elegant and sophisticated tea, with a round sweetness umami, and deep aromas. Shade-grown harvest from Fukuoka

Yame Matcha 
A stone milled green tea made of high-quality Tencha leaves that have been shade-grown for 25 days. Shade-grown Spring harvest, from Hoshino, Fukuoka.

Mackmyra’s seasonal whisky Green Tea will be launched on 5 March 2019.

Mackmyra Grönt te
Volume: 700 ml.
Alcohol by volume: 46.1%
Launch date: 5 March 2020.