Five new medals for our whisky and gin

Malin Åberg

March 22nd, Mackmyra received five new top awards from Whisky Magazine, World Whiskies/spirits awards. The WWA are a global award selecting the very best in all the international recognized styles, award and promote the world’s best whiskies to consumers and trade across the globe. Over 40 international industry experts attended the tasting and gave their scores to the best whiskies in the word.


Mackmyra / Svensk Rök/Amerikansk Ek – Single Malt 12 & under Winner
Mackmyra / Brukswhisky – Blended Malt No Age Statement – Winner
Mackmyra / Svensk Ek – Single Malt No Age Statement – Silver
Mackmyra / Svensk Rök – Single Malt No Age Statement – Brons
Whisky Magazine also as usual arranged World Gin Award earlier this year, where LAB Distillery by Mackmyra Organic Gin received Gold.

/ Malin Åberg, Marketing Coordinator