From whisky to gin

Susanne Tedsjö

I started at Mackmyra 15 years ago and have been on a fantastic journey over the years. We created a brand new category of whisky – Swedish whisky – by being innovative, challenging, thoroughly enjoying ourselves and experiencing a great sense of community along with our customers and ambassadors. It’s now time for me to embark on the next chapter – Lab Distillery by Mackmyra.

I would say that Lab Distillery is one of the most exciting concepts in Sweden and Europe at the present time. It’s a place where we, along with our stakeholders, are creating new and innovative spirit products. Lab is a place where we welcome all the creative people, restaurants, bars and companies wishing to make their dream about distilling spirits come true.

We launched our first product, Kreatör [jin], a year ago, with craft distiller Rickard Aldén as the creator of Kreatör. It’s a fantastic gin manufactured in the craft tradition where we squeeze and zest limes, massage fruits, berries and spices, all by hand, and then finally distil in our classic copper stills. At the end of October it will be time for the next product – another organic gin, this time 100-percent created by Lab Distillery and produced to satisfy in terms of both taste and price.

Right now gin is making a big impact along with the craft trend. We want to know what we’re drinking and how it’s produced. The produce used and environmental issues are key aspects, and we view organic as standard. Look on the bar shelf the next time you’re at the pub and you’ll be amazed at the range of both gin and tonic available.

Personally I naturally prefer to drink our Kreatör [jin] with Kreatör Tonic, which is our first non-alcoholic product, produced to perfectly match our gin. A new version of the classic G&T.

Cheers! Susanne Tedsjö, Project Manager

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