Cheers to 20 years with Mackmyra – a Happy New Whisky Year to you all!

Magnus Dandanell

Can you believe 20 years have passed since that evening when we sat in a cabin up in Sälen and hatched the idea to launch Sweden’s first malt whisky. Did we think it would be possible?

Without a doubt. Although back then, we probably didn’t understand the amount of dedication which would be required, all the fantastic cask owners we would get to know and the warm response we’d receive from curious observers both in Sweden and beyond.

We’d like to thank all our loyal ambassadors and customers for the years in which we’ve together turned Sweden into a whisky nation. We’ve shared some unforgettable memories, which have now gone down in Swedish history.

Sweden is now home to almost 75 distilleries, which produce a variety of spirits. Two of them are ours: the modern, climate smart Gravity distillery in Mackmyra Whisky Village, where our whisky is currently produced, and the original distillery at Mackmyra Bruk, where we make our craft gin.This surge in the production of spirits – which has proved such a big success in Sweden – is now making a mark overseas as the nation’s second biggest creative industry for export.

A lot has taken place during these 20 years, but there’s plenty more work to do. One important development is the struggle to be allowed to market our products in the same way as our international counterparts. As part of its marketing strategy, Mackmyra has sought to highlight qualities which are unique to Sweden, such as its local outlook, use of Swedish ingredients and beverage craftmanship, striking a subtle balance between moderation, innovation and craft.

However, our pictures produced by the artist Simon Cederquist have been identified by the Consumer Ombudsman as provocative marketing, who is also seeking to restrict the use of social media by Swedish producers beyond the nation’s borders.

Sales on site at distilleries – another important means of generating wider international recognition – are also being debated once again. International bon vivants make up a large tourist category who want to purchase souvenir bottles while visiting Swedish distilleries. It’s high time to give Swedish companies the same terms as other European firms. It will be interesting for all of the Swedish bon vivants to follow and support this process over the next few years.

Two of Simon Cederquist’s works produced for Mackmyra:



2019 is the year in which we want to say thank you to all our fans, and pay tribute to everyone who has played a part in helping to make history in the Swedish alcohol industry over the last 20 years. To kick off our anniversary year, we will be releasing a new version of our Brukswhiskyn, which contains whisky from both the Bruket and Gravity distilleries. I like to compare the old version with the new in a blindfold test. We advise you to give it a try – it’s yet another milestone in the history of Swedish whisky. I prefer the new version from a design perspective, as it features pictures of both distilleries, capturing a full 20 years of history in a single bottle.

And when it comes to gin, I’d have to recommend Mackmyra Kreatör, distilled in a pot still, no detail has been spared when producing this fantastic gin. It truly represents the Swedish craft and innovation which is Mackmyra’s hallmark.

Keep your eyes peeled for plenty more small surprises during the anniversary year – I wish you a Happy New Year to one and all!

Magnus Dandanell, Founder & CEO, Mackmyra Svensk Whisky