How a whisky distillery works

Malin Åberg

There are many distilleries around the world – so many I didn’t even find an exact number. Not even the worlds most dedicated whisky nerd would try and squeeze in a visit to all of them, that would take precious time from the way more important tasting…

So do all distilleries look alike? Definitely not as you can see in the picture below, they are built in many different architectural styles, most giving away what part of the world you can find them in.

When we outgrew our first distillery at Mackmyra Bruk, we took the chance to start over and and built the the worlds most climate-smart distillery, naming it Mackmyra Gravity Distillery. Standing 35 meter metres tall, as the name suggests this building makes use of gravity throughout the whisky-making process.

Read more about the whisky making process and what happens in the different floors on our site!

/ Malin Åberg, Marketing Coordinator