Mackmyra Bruk + Gravity – Our way out into the world

Niklas Söderhäll

In 2009 the preparations began for the new, ultramodern distillery in Kungsbäck, outside Gävle.

This was a key milestone in meeting the growing international demand for our whisky, made from Swedish produce.

The start-up period in the new Mackmyra Whisky Village and the new Gravity distillery has taken its time. Much of what was not optimal in a narrow old building could be remedied in a new distillery in a new location.

A couple of highlights are that we have fine-tuned the process and made it possible for the flavours to take a further step forward and that we have achieved a better working environment, including a respectable temperature when working with the copper boilers, which was impossible in the little craft distillery that Mackmyra Bruk was and Lab Distillery now is. We were naturally also able to achieve a necessary increase in the pace of distillation – our goal has always been to put Sweden on the international whisky map.

The new distillery was opened in 2012, but it is only just starting to really feel like home – now that, for the first time, our Master Blender Angela is blending parts of whisky from the Gravity distillery in the recipe for Brukswhisky distilled at Mackmyra Bruk. Indeed, this is the secret and reason behind the partially new design of Mackmyra Brukswhisky. Have you noticed it?

Those of us working in Mackmyra’s production think that the new blend elevates the flavours even more, and it’s very interesting to follow the flavour development of Brukswhisky right now.  But at the same time, it’s a bit sad that the whisky from the Bruk distillery is running out.

We pay tribute to Brukswhisky through the artist Simon Cederqvist’s illustration, which describes the journey the whisky has made from old to new distillery. Simon’s illustrations are also being exhibited at the Gravity distillery and can be viewed by visitors.

We’re also updating the Brukswhisky design so that the entire history of the Mackmyra distillery is presented in the illustrated story on the actual bottle. Can you see what’s changed?


A question from those who distill Mackmyra to those who drink our whisky: do you think that during the transition period, Brukswhisky can be called a single malt whisky? Or is it a double malt whisky during the period? Or even a malt whisky?

It’s the same company and people working on the craft using the same recipe, same Swedish produce, same shape and size of the equipment, the distilleries are close to each other and the whisky is matured in the same kind of cask in the same place. What do you think?

We’re also excited to hear whether you can identify any difference in flavour and, in that case, whether you think it’s an improvement.

/ Niklas, Jimmy & Aurelia, Mackmyra Production Team, Gravity Distillery