Premiere for the Mackmyra Blog!

Malin Åberg

The excitement for us stepping in to the blog world is, to put it mildly, through the roof. We’ve waited along time (19 years to be exact) and we now finally get a better chance to share our thoughts about our beloved spirits, the industry, the culture – and everything in between.

With other words, our new blog is created for all of our likeminded friends and will be frequently updated with new posts from us and our guest bloggers. Mackmyra Blog will be available in both Swedish and English.


Whisky FAQ
The posts for you who want to up your whisky skills – all from how to make whisky, where it was first born to how different factors affect the taste and character.

Cask & bottles
The category with all the information you need about our old and new casks/bottlings.

Behind the scenes
This is where the Mackmyra team share our stories and anecdotes from the years that have passed, like for example what the process from idea to bottling looks like and let our co-workers share their personal stories of their life at Mackmyra.

Guest bloggers
Now and then, big names from the whisky/spirits industry will share their thoughts and opinions on topics a little extra close to their hearts.

This is where you as a Mackmyra fan is in the spotlight. Here, we will share everything from interviews with dedicated collectors to reviews from our costumers and fans.

Food pairing
Tips och tricks for you who wants to explore the tasty world of whisky, combined with delicious food.

The category that inspires you to experiment with your Mackmyra whisky/gin.

DIY (Do it yourself)
Through the years we’ve witnessed an enormous creativity from our fans who created new, beautiful items made from our old casks and bottles. Are you one of them? Then we’d love to write about you to inspire more diy-lovers to start new projects! Send us and e-mail with a picture of your Mackmyra creation to

We hope you’re just as exited as we are about our new blog and will share your thoughts in the comment fields – let the whisky discussions begin!

/ Malin Åberg, Marketing Coordinator