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Volume: 70 cl I Alc. 46,1 % vol.

Mackmyra Special:10 is an elegant Swedish malt whisky with spicy, fruity and floral notes. It has been finished on casks that have previously stored whisky spiced with freshly roasted coffee beans. The base consists of Mackmyra’s elegant recipe, matured in American oak casks deep down in the Bodås mine.

Mackmyra Special is a drink for special occasions and special people. For you who have found the Swedish malt whisky and wants to experience its nuances. For you who live life less ordinary.


The nose is spicy, herbal and floral with fruity notes and aromas of chocolate, freshly roasted coffee beans, tobacco, toast and pear fudge. You can also find light herbal notes of anise and cloves.


The palate is fruity, spicy and herbal with vanilla fudge and roasted oak, citrus, pear and green apples. The texture is medium rich. The aftertaste is spicy, herbal and medium dry with aromas of vanilla, oak and a certain saltiness.