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Double Dip Bourbon

Volume: 70 cl I Alc. 53 % vol.

Mackmyra Special: 04 is a crisp, fruity Swedish malt whisky. Its character comes from a double maturation, starting with large bourbon casks and finishing with smaller, handmade, 30 litre casks. Special:04 has been matured in the Bodås mine and on the island Fjäderholmarna.

Mackmyra Special is a drink for special occasions and special people. For you who have found the Swedish malt whisky and wants to experience its nuances. For you who live life less ordinary.


The nose is fruity and light with a sweet spiciness and aromas like citrus, pear-flavoured caramel, vanilla pods and aniseed.


The palate is softly oaky, spicy and slightly dry. The aftertaste is fruity with a drier finish.