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For special occasions and special people.

Mackmyra Whisky is the new generation of Swedish whisky, made in our own way, using Swedish ingredients without additives. Small casks of 30 and 100 liters create an intense maturation while the Swedish oak contributes prominent spice as we store our whisky in a constant temperature, 50 meters deep into the ground in the Bodås mine.

We are constantly striving to evolve. We rethink, evaluate and adjust. That’s why there are many casks with special characters in our warehouses. Those that are the most special have been combined in Mackmyra Special: a series of limited editions, bottled at one time only, for special occasions.

Mackmyra Special is a drink for special occasions and special people. For you who have found the Swedish malt whisky and wants to experience its nuances. For you who live life less ordinary.