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Mackmyra Online Experience

Welcome to a brand new era in the history of Mackmyra – with Mackmyra Online Experiences you can join whisky classes and tastings – from your own living room. Other exciting tasting sessions and experiences will be announced each week, so keep an eye on this page.
– Online tastings
– Mini talkshow Mackmyra & Friends
– Online cask consultation


Online Tastings

Our online tastings give you a unique opportunity to interact personally with the people behind the whisky craft and ask any questions you would like answering. All from the comfort of a place that suits you.
So, sit back in your armchair and listen to our experts, who provide you with a guided whisky tasting. Naturally accompanied by stories and anecdotes from Mackmyra’s 20-year whisky journey.
The tastings are, of course, held live and you meet one of our awesome Brand Ambassadors and are guided through our exceptionally tasty and award-winning whiskies or gin.


Online Tastings Kit

In this tasting, we test the whiskies that provide the foundation for Mackmyra’s taste profile, i.e. our four signature whiskies Mack by Mackmyra, Brukswhisky, Svensk Ek (Swedish Oak) and Svensk Rök (Swedish Smoky).