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Our copper pot-stills have worked overtime for more than 20 years, with tens of thousands of casks matured, bottled and enjoyed by people all over the world. This was celebrated during the whole anniversary year 2019 with surprises, activities, campaigns and exciting product launches.
December 18th 1999 was the day on which the first drops of Swedish whisky history began to trickle out of our self-produced copper pot-stills.


The Anniversary Cask

Working with Varalövs Tunnfabrik on production of our Anniversary Cask, we’ve had a pattern milled in the lid and base for the first time in order to intensify the impact of the Swedish oak. The pattern in the lid expands the contact surface, infusing the whisky with more character from the Swedish oak.

Many thanks to those who…

  • paid SEK 1,000 in 1999 for Lifetime membership of a whisky company that was no more than an idea;
  • own or co-own one of the 18,000 casks sold as part of Mackmyra Reserve;
  • are one of our 7,000 plus shareholders;
  • have ever bought a bottle of Mackmyra for themselves, or as a gift;
  • have stood up for Swedish whisky against the traditionalists who claim that real whisky only comes from Scotland;
  • have come by to visit us
  • have treated someone to a Mackmyra
  • have sampled a drop at one of the many whisky fairs held around Sweden (we first took part in the Stockholm Beer & Whisky in 2002).
  • queued outside Systembolaget to buy a bottle of Preludium (in the days before e-commerce!);
  • have rewarded us a gold medal;
  • have written a review in a newspaper;
  • have printed our labels;
  • have recommended us at Swedish Systembolaget;
  • have out up a bottle on a bar shelf;
  • have given a bottle from their own cask to someone as a present;
  • have produced our packaging;
  • believed in us.

Mackmyra - 20 years later

Do you want to get to know us a little deeper? In this presentation we tell the story of what Mackmyra stands for today, a little over 20 years since the start.


Share your Mackmyra memory

Many of those who have followed our journey have their own unique view and experience of our years together. Now we want to hear your stories. So we’re challenging our faithful whisky comrades to send us their best photos, together with a short description/account of no more than half a page of A4.
Over the course of the year we’ll be picking out photos and stories and (with your permission) publishing them on our blog. The selected entries will win a guided tour in the distillery followed by a three-course dinner at Mackmyra Bar & Bistro as thanks for sharing their memories with us.
Send your picture and story to memories@mackmyra.se and we’ll be in touch.