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Mackmyra Moment

Moment Jakt

With a finish from Swedish Jaktvin

Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 48,1 % vol.

Moment Jakt has a finish from casks that previously stored Jaktvin; a Swedish wine made of lingonberry and blueberry.

It’s a well balanced whisky with soft oaky notes, grapes and a fruity sweetness. ­Moment Jakt is excellent to pair with a good cigar or food of rich flavour.


Spicy with a lot of fruitiness and wild berries, dried fruits with a light oakiness. Peppery notes and a herbal spiciness with tobacco leaves, mint and anise.


Fruity, spicy and oaky. Well-balanced oakiness with vanilla, dark chocolate and tobacco leaves. Berry and fruity with dried fruits, fig and raisin.


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