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Mackmyra Moment

Moment Drivved

Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 55,5 % vol.

Our third release in the Moment series is a floral and fruity whisky with character developed from our older casks in the Bodås Mine, combined with a couple of our finest small casks.

Mackmyra Moment is a series of whiskies from our most exclusive casks, handpicked by Master Blender Angela D’Orazio. You can find the Moment series in selected stores and taxfree shops.


The nose is oaky and honey sweet with citrus, pear and a fine juniper smoke with light notes of tar, almost like burning juniper branches and driftwood.


The taste is fruity, floral and slightly oaky, with sweet, light, smoky aromas that linger in the aftertaste, together with a slightly spicy saltiness.