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Mackmyra Moment

Moment Bärnsten

Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 49,8 % vol.

Our fifteenth release in the Moment series is a Swedish malt whisky in very limited edition.The character comes from our elegant recipe when produced directly after a batch of our smoky recipe, resulting in a careful smokiness. The whisky has then been matured on French Bordeaux wine casks, cloudberry wine casks and casks of Swedish oak. Enjoy your summer memories in this warming whisky with ripe berries and a gentle smokiness.

Mackmyra Moment is a series of whiskies from our most exclusive casks, handpicked by Master Blender Angela D’Orazio. You can find the Moment series in selected stores and taxfree shops.



The aroma is rich and fruity, slightly smoky and spicy with hints of dried fruit, peat and juniper, leather and tobacco.


The taste is fruity, smoky and spicy with aromas of dried fruit, tobacco leaf, oak, citrus and vanilla. The aftertaste includes dried fruit, spicy herbs, tobacco leaf, and a slight saltiness and smokiness.