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Moment Fenix

Moment Fenix

Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 45,5 % vol.

Moment Fenix is an elegant and fruity single malt whisky in a very limited edition. The whisky is mainly matured on fruity and flowerycasks that previously stored birch sap wine, but also in sweet and spicy casks saturated with Pedro Ximénez. To add some final character we’ve also used some our famous 30 litre casks.

Mackmyra Moment is a series of whiskies from our most exclusive casks, handpicked by Master Blender Angela D’Orazio. You can find the Moment series in selected stores and taxfree shops.


Fruit, flowers, toasted vanilla, butter fudge, almond paste, dried fruit, leather, tobacco, ginger, cinnamon, herbal mint notes.


Fruit, flowers, spicieness, dried fruit, roasted oak, vanilla, herbs, Medium thick to thick texture.


Moment Fenix won gold in Wizards of Whiskies Awards 2016