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Mackmyra Seasons


Soft and warming, like the last embers of the fireplace

Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 46,1 % vol.


Mackmyra Iskristall is an exciting mix of flavors that come together in a final maturation on casks that has previously stored Pedro Ximenes sherry. The result is a spicy whisky with sweet raisin notes, caramel and vanilla. Powerful and clean, like the winter air in the Swedish mountains. Soft-warming, like the last embers of the fireplace. Versatile but perfectly balanced.


Spicy, fruity, oaky and berry with hints of honey and toasted oak barrels. Tobacco and fresh herbs mixed well with the aromas of dried fruits, pear and citrus.


Fruity with fine herb spices. Vanilla Toffee, anise, sweet raisins and grape fruit in a balanced spicy and oaky flavor. The aftertaste is oaky and spicy with hints of dried fruits.