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Events & tastings

Hang in there friend, more info on this years events coming soon! Until then, you find all event info on our Facebook page.


26 Jan National Whisky Festival
5 Feb Enotria Showcase
5 Feb Pub Show
16 Feb Whisky Affair Haselmere
2 Mar Whisky Birmingham
16 Mar TWL Newcastle
22 Mar Midlands Whisky Festival
13 Apr TWL Bristol
27 Apr Whisky Affair Alton
10 May TWL London
11 May Gin Lounge London
1 Jun Robbie’s Drams
15 Jun TWL Edinburgh
1 Jul Imbibe Live
6 Jul Gin Lounge Edinburgh
6 Jul Whisky Affair Guildford
27 Jul Whisky Affair Portsmouth
9 Aug Whisky Fringe
17 Aug Whisky Affair Winchester
7 Sep Whisky Bristol Underground
27 Sep Gin Lounge Manchester
28 Sep TWE The Whisky Show
Oct TWL York
19 Oct The Wee Dram Festival
25 Oct TWL Manchester
1 Nov Stirling Gin Festival
2 Nov TWL Nottingham
16 Nov TWL Liverpool
23 Nov Whisky Affair Reading