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CEO & Founder – Magnus Dandanell

What is your role/title at Mackmyra?
I’m CEO and Founder.

Can you describe a typical working day?
When I’ve had my breakfast, I go by car to Mackmyra where I work a few days every week. I have a quick catch-up with my colleagues before I go through my emails and have a few other meetings.  After lunch I normally spend time planning and preparing material for board meetings and similar. On evenings when we have events and tastings I tend to participate as often as I can to share my story and answer questions.

Can you tell us something fun that has happened during your time at Mackmyra?
Oh, then I would have to say when our Swedish King came to visit us at Mackmyra to create his own whisky, Moment XVI.

If you could exchange roles with someone else at Mackmyra for one day, who would that be and why?
Change for one day? I have already done most of the jobs! But, actually, I haven’t driven the lorry that delivers whisky out to the world. To have a whisky-lorry was something we talked about in the beginning and now it is reality. But, unfortunately, it’s impossible (and illegal) for me to do it as I don’t have a lorry driver’s licence.

For how long have you worked at Mackmyra?
Since the very first day, which was some time before the official start in 1999.

Which is your absolute Mackmyra-favourite?
The CEO-group’s own cask, an elegant Oloroso-cask, which was aged at Fjäderholmarna in Stockholm and we shared in the group. Unfortunately, we only got seven bottles and I have only one left.