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Become a cask owner

Many well-known whisky brands store their whisky on 200-litre casks, but at Mackmyra we use hand crafted 30-litre ones. The smaller size makes the whisky mature faster and already after three to five years, the whisky has developed a fine and round character. Your cask will give you about 48 bottles of 50 cl.


As a Reserve cask owner, you will have more than just an amazing whisky. Mackmyra Reserve offers you the opportunity to create and follow your own personal 30 litre cask through maturation to final bottling, at a time of your choosing. Today, we have over ten thousand cask owners,  and countless more co-owners. They are the ones we are proud to call our Ambassadors.
It´s your choice! The whisky’s final aroma, colour and flavour are the result of the recipe combined with the cask and the storage process. The outcome is your own unique single cask whisky, created from Swedish ingredients.


Mackmyra Private cask is the right choice for you who don’t want to wait for years to get your tailored whisky of choice – the casks in this collection are all ready to be bottled.