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Mackmyra Reserve - Create your own whisky

As a Reserve cask owner, you will have more than just an amazing whisky. Mackmyra Reserve offers you the opportunity to create and follow your own personal 30 litre cask through maturation to final bottling, at a time of your choosing. Today we have around ten thousand cask owners and co-owners. They are the ones we are proud to call our ambassadors.
It´s your choice! The whisky’s final odour, colour and flavour are the result of the recipe combined with the cask and the storage process. The outcome is your own unique single cask whisky, created from Swedish ingredients.
You choose what kind of cask and which recipe, and also how long the whisky shall mature. You are welcome to be present when the cask is filled, an experience that many shares with their family and friends. Each cask has a plaque on which you can choose a personal text to name your cask. Throughout the whole maturation period you are welcome to visit us in Gävle, two hours north of Stockholm, to sample your whisky and follow its development. You decide yourself how active you want to be in your cask experience. 


Elegant or smokey?

You choose from our two recipes:  Mackmyra Elegant and Mackmyra Smoke.
The smoke from Swedish peat and juniper gives the peaty recipe a characteristic, Swedish personality. It is a true handcraft that requires both time and precision. The result is a complex, well balanced whisky with a powerful smokeiness.
When a whisky is not peaty, we call it Elegant. If fruity notes is what makes your mouth watering, this is the way to go. The Elegant recipe lets the base sweetness from the barley come forward and gives you a soft and delicate whisky with a round base and fresh fruity touch.
The Elegant recipe is also available pre-stored, i.e. we fill a 30-litre cask with whisky that’s already spent three years maturing in a 200-litre bourbon cask. 


Our unique 30-litre casks

Many well-known whisky brands store their whisky on 200-litre casks, but at Mackmyra we use hand crafted 30-litre ones. The smaller size makes the whisky mature faster and already after three to five years, the whisky has developed a fine and round character. Your cask will give you about 50 bottles of 50 cl.
Bourbon is the most classic type of cask inte the world to mature single malt whisky in. The casks are brought in from the USA where they were earlier used to mature Bourbon. They are then coopered to become 30-liter casks to be filled with Swedish Single Malt Whisky. In this way, we are giving te whisky a round, soft character with sweet notes of vanilla, pear, apple and citrus. The Bourbon cask is one of our most appreciated cask types and goes very well with both the elegant and smokey recipe.
Whisky matured on new American Oak receives a complex rich oakiness with clear vanilla- and cola notes. The fresh oak makes the whisky mature quickly and gives a powerful round taste where the balance between sweetness and spiciness creates a fantastic teamwork. The color is dark amber.


Create & buy a cask


Mackmyra Private Cask

Mackmyra Private cask is the right choice for you who don’t want to wait for years to get your tailored whisky of choice – the casks in this collection are all ready to be bottled.



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