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Brukswhisky and the forbidden skis

In 2010 we introduced a second whisky to our permanent collection – Brukswhisky. It’s named after our whiskies’ birthplace, Mackmyra Bruk, and was – not surprisingly – created to be drunk.

If you look closely at Brukswhisky, you will notice that our whole story, from being a test- to a gravitation distillery, is sketched around the bottle. Well, at least, as close to the whole story as possible. Actually, there was originally also a sketch of a pair of skis on the bottle. The skis were a symbol of that legendary cross country-skiing trip the eight friends and founders had made to Sälen, the place where the first seed to our Swedish whisky was planted.

But we soon found out that the skis weren’t welcome on our bottle, due to Swedish regulations that forbid any association between sport and alcohol. The skis were censored, and we had to temporarily resolve the problem by putting a black sticker over the controversial skis. Today, the skis have been removed from the bottle and you will spot instead an oakleaf, the gravitation distillery, casks, and copper pot stills.


Our Brukswhisky has a balanced character. The nose is clean and young, with light, spicy notes of Swedish peat and juniper, and a clear fruitiness with hints of butterscotch, citrus and pear. Prominent notes are liquorice and mint. The palate is fruity and slightly smoky, while the aftertaste is fruity and slightly spicy. Enjoy Brukswhisky as it is, with or without ice, on any occasion.


”One of the most complex and most beautiful structured whiskies of the year. A Mackmyra masterpiece, cementing the distillery among the world’s true greats.”

Whisky Bible 2015, 95,5 poäng.