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We have chosen our best 200-liter casks for a tasty offer to you and your whisky society. The whisky is distilled at Mackmyra Bruk during 2007 and has been matured in Bodås mine for 11 years. You now have the chance to invest 9000 euros in a 200 liter elegant bourbon cask where you choose how old the whisky shall be. 12, 15 or perhaps 21 years?
This exclusive offer starts with a special tasting at a time and place that suits you. And Mackmyra Whisky village is off course always open for your company
Join one of our whisky experts in deep dive into how different casks develop despite identical circumstances. You will try 4 casks with identical age, size and alcohol strength where the evening ends with you making your cask choice. Thereafter we will continue the exciting cask journey.


You will follow the how your whisky develops year by year, just as you do with regular cask ownership at Mackmyra, you will have yearly meets where you taste the whisky to experience how the whisky matures. Perfect for the whisky club or to you who wants to invest in the future of whisky – All included in the price, from storage and cask administration to unique labels and bottling. Book the late summer whisky meet before the 15th of August.
Angela D´Orazio, Master Blender Mackmyra
”There is a treasure of mature casks in Bodås mine, the ones we have chosen are classic ex-bourbon casks. The whisky receives a round and soft character with sweet tones of vanilla, pear, apple and citrus, which characterizes our style well. Clear, mature Mackmyra tones as we all recognize!”



  • 200-liter first fill bourbon cask with Mackmyras’ elegant recipe from Mackmyra Bruk, filled during 2007.
  • Casl amount: 9 000 euro.
  • A cask of 200 liter gives ca 350 bottles à 50 cl after 15 years.
  • Design your own personal label for your bottles.
  • Bottles are bought through our partners in Germany. Alcohol tax and VAT will be added to the price at the time of pickup.
  • The offer stans until 15th of October
  • Included in the price is also a special tasting with a whisky expert from Mackmyra, and a unique visit into our main warehouse in the Bodås Mine
  • Total price per bottle at pickup: Based on 350 bottles à 50 cl and an alcohol level of 48%, 39.60 euros in Germany
  • Repurchase: In the unlikely event of you not wanting to bottle the whisky, you will be given an opportunity during 2022 to have the cask repurchased by Mackmyra.
  • We will in that case purchase the whole cask and the will be the same as you bought it for, 9000 euros. This amount will be paid into your account in the fall of 2022.
  • At the repurchase, there is an opportunity to bottle 48 bottles single cask of your specific cask to a favourable price. Tax and VAT will be added on the day of pick up according to our traditional 30-liter concept.


1. Submit your interest to invest in a cask to one of the e-mail addresses below. Leave your name, address, telephone number, e-mail and personal ID-number.
2. We will get back with an allocation and current conditions.
3. When your allocation is pays, you will receive a voucher as proof of ownership by mail together with your sales option. Do you want to know more? We are here to answer your questions, contact Eric Bräck if you want additional information. eric@mackmyra.se Do you want to book a tasting for you and your whisky club, or submit interest to invest in a cask, you can do that directly to your closest whisky expert.